eLearning Marketplace Development

Our team has built some of the leading elearning marketplaces in the USA such as StackSkills.com and Sales Hacker U. As elearning continues to disrupt the way education is delivered the demand for elearning courses and elearning marketplaces has exploded. If your company has a passionate engaged fan base then selling them digital products is a natural high margin monetization tactic. In fact Full Stack Sales, advises a majority of our clients to develop their own elearning marketplace in order to capitalize on the revenue opportunity digital product marketplaces represent.

Creating content is hard. With your own elearning marketplace you can leverage the content of other experts. In just a few months you can go from having a limited digital product portfolio to having 100s of high quality high margin digital assets/courses. Once you have a substantial elearning marketplace you can begin creating your own branded digital elearning courses to supplement the 3rd party courses in your marketplace.

Traditional physical ecommerce marketplaces are low margin, operationally intensive, and limited by geographies. While elearning marketplaces are high margin, simple to manage, and can have customers worldwide.

Elearning spans across a variety of verticals from software development to health and fitness. No matter what your audience is passionate about you can develop a high quality elearning marketplace around their interests.

The Full Stack Sales team will own every aspect of developing your elearning marketplace including:

  • Developing and setting up the learning management system (LMS)
  • Instructor partnerships and on-boarding of 3rd party courses
  • Merchandising and marketplace curriculum design
  • All marketplace visual design from the marketplace itself down to the course mainframes
  • Copywriting

If you have a substantial email list and consistent steady flow of high quality traffic then you should absolutely have your own elearning course marketplace to further monetize those eyeballs.

eLearning Course Development

Creating your own elearning course can be an amazing passive income stream. You can monetize this course via your own email list or leverage other marketplaces like Udemy to drive new students.

Creating your first course can be a painful process. Let the Full Stack Sales team help you get this first course live and generating revenue as quickly as possible.

We are talking about painless content production at scale. Our team of sales and video hackers will own the entire production process of your course. From repurposing your existing content to learning every possible element of your course topic. Let us create the detailed training course you have dreamed of.

Research is key to developing a profitable well selling course. Our research will include an analysis of existing data from your customers (comments, emails they’ve sent, support tickets). An in-depth survey and analysis of survey answers. Five or more in-depth interviews with members of your audience. Fiver or more interviews with key executive team members and industry thought leaders. An evaluation of existing content resources, FAQ’s, product documentation, and other content in your niche.

The design and wrapper around your course is important to drive conversions. From course mainframes to email marketing templates, we will create a myriad of design assets to help effectively market your course on email, blog, and social.

Copywriting is also key to drive revenue. From sales pages, to email copy, and guest blog posts we will put our team of expert writers on the case to ensure the copy representing your course is of the highest quality.

Most courses are amateurish at best and terrible at worst. Well not your course with Full Stack Sales. All voice-over will be recorded in a professional sound studio. The course recording includes several days of filming in our beautiful Downtown LA studio. Two days of voice-over recording in a professional sound studio. Everything will be recorded by our team of professional videographers and audio engineers with high-end equipment.

Editing and post-production ensure we have the highest quality piece of content. Our team of editors will polish your recordings and make them look and sound incredible. This includes editing the footage, adding graphics (if applicable), creating an engaging intro sequence (b-roll or moving logo) and final touches based on your feedback.

Your own course can lead other revenue opportunities like speaking gigs and book deals if executed well. If you don’t have your own course but have the brand and audience that loves your content the time is now to create 6-figure revenue generating course.